Ultrapro Wallet — “Your Crypto Companion”

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Ultrapro Wallet

UltraPro Wallet was used to store digital assets like bitcoins, which was unique compared to other wallets. The crypto wallets could be software, physical keys, or even paper-based. It doesn’t work like keeping real money in physical wallets; all it stores are the private keys to your cryptocurrency.
Why choose us?

There are numerous wallets on the market, including Metamask, Coinbase and Trust wallet. However, with UltraPro wallet, users may completely control their crypto assets because of our safe and secure technology. With the use of our wallet, users may instantly buy, send, and receive crypto assests. Customers of UPRO can easily link their accounts to their Ultrapro wallets to keep track of their transactions.

Earning Money is Simple:

Users can earn UBIT Coins merely by sitting down and watching our personalised videos. You can also earn coins by recommending UltraPro wallet to family and acquaintances.

UltraPro Wallet Features:
*To boost your earnings, you can easily put UPRO into one of the wallet’s several stakes. *It allows users to browse a variety of Decentralized Apps, unlike other wallets. *Customers can pay with our QR Scanner as well. *The UltraPro wallet takes things a step further by enabling you to shop on more than 120 online branded marketplaces, including Flipkart and Amazon.

How to use?

The UltraPro wallet app is readily available for download from the Playstore. Simply download the app, register with your account, and start making purchases.

Personalized for Customers:

Ultrapro Wallet include industry-leading security measures which involve biometric and passcode protection. The user-friendly preferences, such as Dark Mode and Notifications, will simplify everything. So Why waste time when you can start using Ultrapro wallet to master trade and transactions.

In the ULTRAPRO wallet home screen, you have several convenient options at your fingertips:

• Access the 'Wallet' option to check your wallet balance.
• Easily add new wallets by clicking the 'Add' button.
• Customize your wallet names and access your secret phrase for added security.

• On the home screen, you'll find the 'Send,' 'Receive,' and 'Swap' options for seamless UPRO coin transactions:

1. Choose the 'Send' option.
2. Select the specific UPRO coin you wish to send.
3. Follow the prompts to enter the recipient's address and specify the amount of coins you want to send.

1. Opt for the 'Receive' option.
2. Select the UPRO coin you want to receive.
3. Your unique receive address will be displayed. Share this address with the sender who will be sending you coins.

1. Click on the 'Swap' option.
2. You'll be presented with a screen where you can choose the coin you wish to exchange for UPRO.
3. Simply select the desired coin, and click on 'Swap' to complete the transaction.

In the ULTRAPRO wallet, utilize the 'Browser' option to access a world of possibilities. By selecting 'Browser' and entering 'utility.ultrapro.live,' you can seamlessly explore and purchase various items like gift cards, vouchers, products, and more using your UPROS. Additionally, you can browse for a wide array of other options to cater to your preferences.

In the ULTRAPRO wallet, you have the opportunity to watch videos and earn UBIT tokens through an airdrop program. To participate, simply select the 'Watch' option on the ULTRAPRO wallet home screen. We offer a total of six videos, and by engaging with them.

To embark on your staking journey, follow these simple steps:
1. After acquiring UPRO coins from coin exchanges, access the 'Stake' option on the ULTRAPRO Wallet's home screen.
2. Once you've selected the 'Stake' option, you'll be directed to a screen where you can carefully choose your staking plan. Pick from the enticing options available, which include staking periods of 91, 365, or 730 days.

On the ULTRAPRO wallet home screen, you'll find a convenient 'Shopping' option. By selecting this option, you can leverage your UPROs to make various transactions, including recharges, bill payments, booking tickets, and more.

Enjoy the flexibility and utility of your UPROs for everyday financial activities.

In the ULTRAPRO Wallet, explore the 'Settings' option to enhance your user experience:

1. Dark Mode: Toggle between display modes for your comfort.
2. Security: Customize security settings, including passcode or biometric authentication for wallet protection. You can also access your Application ID.
3. Notifications: Manage transaction notifications by toggling them on or off.
4. Preferences: Personalize your wallet by setting your default currency to either INR or USDT.

Additionally, don't miss out on the opportunity to earn rewards by engaging with our social media community. By liking and following our social media pages, such as Facebook and Instagram. Stay connected and reap the benefits!